Pathway Landscape in Scottsdale AZ

Pathway Landscape Design & Maintenance:
We are drawn and inspired by the beauty and diversity of Arizona's natural terrain.

Our landscape designs can be as lush and bucolic, or as rugged and grassy as Arizona's famous deserts. Always, our main concern is the people who will use and enjoy these gardens and how they integrate with the architecture of their homes and their lives.

We can also spruce up your existing yard and keep it maintained with our affordable maintanance packages for all yard types, small to large, exotic to barren.

Pathway Landscape has been featured in Valley Magazine, the in the summer edition of InStyle Home and many other smaller publications throughout Arizona.


Pathway Landscape fits that criteria, building beautiful landscape designs throughtout Arizona. Our award-winning projects have graced the covers and pages of world renowned publications. Our team will take your yard to the next level or simply give it a good cleanup.

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